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10 ways to make your home more secure

10 ways to make your home more secure

Both break-ins and attempted break-ins have increased throughout Australia in recent years.

Over 200 000 burglaries are recorded in Australia annually. As a result, home safety should be at the top of your priority list when purchasing a new home.

Here are the first 10 things you should do to help secure your home.

1. Purchase a security system

All residential homes should include a form of security system. This can be done at an affordable rate on your own or can be installed by a professional team.

Evaluate your requirements and select a system that is easy to use. Some essential components to consider include an alarm, motion sensors and CCTV units.

2. Make sure your doors are secure

Did you know a large percentage of burglaries take place straight through the front door? Weak frames and hinges, cracks and hollow wood can all lead to any easy break in.

It might be beneficial adding a deadbolt to your door to further strengthen it. Remember, it’s important to check all the doors in your house, not only the front!

3. Protect your windows

A number of window manufacturers provide weak latches that are not effective in the event of a break in. Consider replacing your weak latches with locks or key-operated levers, as well as transparent burglar bars.

Ask your locksmith about the best ways to maximise the security on your doors and windows in your home.

4. Chat to the neighbors

Familiarizing yourself in the neighborhood is a great way to combat crime. If your neighours suspect anything while you’re not at home, they can be quick to alert you. If you go away, ask them to collect your mail, so the house doesn’t appear vacant.

It’s also recommended to join groups and pages on Facebook that focus on security in your neighborhood, as any reports or alerts can be delivered throughout the neighborhood.

5. Consider adding a dog to the family

Not only can a dog as a pet provide you with a sense of joy, they are a great deterrent to burglaries and can decrease your chances of being burgled by up to 60%!

The size of the dog does not matter, burglars are deterred by the sound of a bark. They are generally loud, hard to spot, and some of them will bite intruders if necessary.

6. Know who to call in an emergency

Keep important emergency numbers such as the local police, fire department and hospital in an easy to find place. This can be left on your fridge, at the front door, and should be saved on your phone.

7. Light up the driveway

Although most burglaries happen during broad daylight, your home is still a target in the dark at night. Make sure you have sufficient lighting in the front and back of your home. Motion sensor lights can be added for additional protection.

8. Eliminate hiding places

Make sure shrubs and bushes are cut back in order to avoid burgles using them as a hiding spot. If you have a shed or garage that is easily accessible, make sure it can be locked. Never leave your ladder outside the yard, which can be used for break-ins.

9. Add security signs

If you are signed up to a security provider, they might include signs which can be placed at the front of your home. A burglar will be less inclined to attempt a burglary if they are aware a house is protected. Even if you don’t have a security system, you might want to consider some kind of sign anyways.

10. Have a security routine

It’s a great idea for you and your family to get in the routine of making security conscious decisions. You should set rules for particular situations like answering the door to strangers, when to lock the doors and windows, when to turn on the alarm, and so on.

If you have children, you should make them aware of what to do in the event of a break-in or other emergency.


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