How can i sell my home for more?

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If you are looking to sell your property and wanting to get the most money you possibly can. This book has tips for selling your home and it is a guide to selling your home.

Looking back over the last few 30 years that I have been involved in marketing and sales, it has changed dramatically but yet the core principles are the same. I have been a real estate agent for six years now, selling property in Albany Western Australia and it has changed dramatically since I have started. The Albany Real Estate market is varied and has a cross-section of demographics. Prime Realty Albany has been involved in the Albany Real Estate Market since 2014.

Currently ranked amongst the top real estate agents in Albany. I now sell unassisted and find it to be very rewarding. My figures are up there with the large franchise agencies and the original older agencies that have been in Albany since the dawn of time! Prime Realty Albany is a  boutique agency which has a formula that works!

I decided to write a book to help people get a better understanding of selling property and also gain an insight into how things are done. From staging your home for sale and interviewing real estate agents to sell the property. What to ask your real estate agent? What to look out for? The buzz word “social media marketing” how does your real estate agent use it in their marketing campaign.

How strong is there on-line media marketing campaign strategy  – One size DOESN’T fit all! Look beyond the “we are honest” and “we give the best service” REALLY?

Authenticity is the key to everything not only in real estate but in life. Every person you come across has a story, each sale means something different to everyone. Everyone has a WHY! Words mean nothing and I have noticed both buyers and sellers are over it, they hear the same bull all the time. Action and results are where it counts.  It is very important to find a good realtor, they are worth their weight in gold! Albany has an abundance of real estate agents so make sure you interview and find the best real estate agent for you.

I am currently working on my Diploma in Social Media and Marketing so I can bring my A-game to the party and offer the latest methods to market property online across social media platforms, using paid advertising, content creation and co-curated content as well combining good old fashioned storytelling and real-live interaction! I’m not interested in how “they used to do things” in this town.

The industry is on a fascinating journey and the combination of building relationships and listening to my clients is at the top of that list.

This guide works in all areas. However if you are thinking of selling your home in Albany WA, then Nicci Daniele should be one of those real estate agents you interview, to get an indepth look into her unique marketing campaigns that are included in your selling fee!

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