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Best tips on staging your house for a showing and selling quick

Best tips on staging your house for a showing and selling quick

Let’s face it, most people do judge a book by its cover and first impressions are fundamentally important. That’s why one of the biggest factors that will determine whether or not your house sells for its maximum value is how your potential buyers perceive your property.

Through the years of experience in the industry, our team at Prime Realty have seen plenty of homes that sold for under its value because of small placement issues such as mismatched couch cushions, toys scattered on the floors, or crooked photographs just to name a few. These may seem insignificant and petty, but can unconsciously give buyers a bad impression of the property.

On the contrary, we have also seen how a good home setting have helped owners sell their property for over the value. A few minute details can catch the keen eye and make people fall in love with what they see.

As a group of professional realtors, we would like to pass on our experience and knowledge. Here are a few things that may be helpful to you when setting up your property before a viewing:

Get Used to Scrubbing

Spend the Saturday before the open house scrubbing everything until there’s not a single dust speckle in sight. We know that spending an entire Saturday cleaning is probably not on top of your priority list. However, people do believe that a clean house is an indication that you also look after the property and that should they decide to buy it and move in, they will not find any unsightly surprises. Remember that wine stain from Christmas? Now would be a good time to soak it off.

Personal Festive Decorations

While we are on the topic of Christmas, we should probably mention that these kinds of decorations are not great for an open house, especially if we are going into February and your tree is still up and running. The main reasoning behind this is that people would want to visualise how the house will look with their own personal touches. By seeing your Christmas socks hanging above the fire place or your holiday photos hanging on the tree, the house will have too much of your personality and it becomes more difficult for viewer to picture themselves in the same settings. The same rule, of course, goes for Easter, or any other holidays too.

Scent Goes Straight to the Head

Who doesn’t love the decadent aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies or the crisp scent of fresh cut flowers? As your viewers walk into the door, it is impossible for them to see the entire property at a glance, nor will they be able to feel the texture of all of your fittings. They will, however, have a lasting impression of the first scent that they smell. If you want the house to give off a cosy atmosphere, put a few drops of vanilla essence in a small bowl of water and warm it up in the oven over low heat. Similarly, rose essence works great too if you want that floral smell. However, try stay away from the smell of your dinner. No matter how delicious your seafood or French cheese may taste, people might not appreciate the smell.

De-clutter All Surfaces (or at least hide the stuff away for a while)

It is as uncomfortable for you as it is for your viewer to see excessive amounts of your personal belongings scattered all over your dresser or your shelves. While it can become a statement to have an exhibit of your nice watches or your jewellery on display, items such as your private hygiene products, medication or dirty laundry is not something your viewers would want to see. Additionally, there are always one or two creepy stalkers that like to go through the home owner’s personal belongings. Do you really want them to so easily have access to your privacy? We think not, therefore, pack them away!

Practice your Green Finger

A spacious garden with many beautiful floral features is good, but don’t let waist-high grass be one of those features. Tidy up your garden by cutting the lawn, picking up any of your pets’ excrements, and trim the flower features. After all, your viewers are looking for a comforting outdoor area for them to relax over the weekend with possibly a barbeque fired up. It is difficult to imagine this lovely scenario if they are looking at a jungle of unkempt plants.

There are of course plenty of other small home improvement tips that can be applicable for a successful open house. We hope these ones can help you get on the path of achieving a satisfactory sale. Just for interest sake, here are some interesting trivia about home staging your property before a sale:

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