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Top things you should do when visiting Albany, Western Australia

Top things you should do when visiting Albany, Western Australia

There are many reasons why Albany is such a beautiful city, but let’s start off with the fact that it is South Western Australia’s oldest settlement town and is only outdated by the millennia-old indigenous culture, ancient mountain ranges and underground caves.

Due to its remote location, Albany is unfortunately not on many people’s itinerary, but it surely should be and if it is not – maybe we can change your mind. Now, let’s get to the finer details of what makes Albany so great!

Getting to Albany

Located on Western Australia’s southern coast, you can drive from Perth in about five hours. However, there are daily flights between Albany and Perth, decreasing travel time to just over one hour.

Attractions in Albany

Visit the National Anzac Centre

Although museums might not be your particular taste, the National Anzac Centre was named Number 1 Musuem in Australia by TripAdvisor in 2016. Opened in 2014, the museum is an award-winning facility that uses multimedia, interactive technology and historical artefacts to create a deeply personal connection with the past, as well as pay tribute to those who served.

The King George Sound

One of the very top landmarks that is going to blow your mind when it comes to landscape qualities. With small islands and the two harbours it is a scenic landscape that no one would want to miss out on. Explore the natural beauty of the are on a scenic cruise or drive to the west-end side of the peninsula.

Soak up the sun at fantastic beaches

Albany is home to a beautiful coastline with many great beaches for a variety of adventurers. Middleton Beach, is the most popular with families, while Little Beach, Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve is top rated with crystal clear sand and blue water. Emu Point Beach also makes for great fishing off the rocks, kayaking and SUPing.

The Gap and the Natural Bridge

When it comes to Albany’s natural attractions, these two certainly are iconic when it comes to the well-known ancient rock and granite formations that are considered the best in the world. The Gap was completed and opened to the public in the year of 2016 and has since attracted many people – it is a transparent platform placed about 40m above the ocean and extends up until 10m out from where the cliff ends. It might sound scary, but the view is most certainly spectacular! From The Gap up until The Natural Bridge are endless boulders for your eyes to observe and legs to explore until you reach the point of the bridge where you can witness heavy ocean swells rumbling through.

Possession Point walking trail

There are marvellous and a huge diversity of hiking trails for the adventure lovers. Possession Point stretches for 6km from the Quarantine station up until Point Possession. With white sand beaches on either side and a granite hill at the end, who would not want to experience that?

Enjoy a sunset

And last, but most definitely not the least – the breath-taking sunsets that Albany has to offer on a daily basis. If you want one of the best spots, the Marina is definitely recommended as the colour sets in over the Princess Royal Harbour. If this is not quite the one for you, then second on the list is the Spark Plug Lookout which is a tower with two viewing points.

Drink great wine from the region

Award-winning Singlefile Winery, Forest Hill Vineyard, and Plantagenet Wines are just some of many on offer in this acclaimed region. The Great Southern Wine region has a reputation for quality wine production.

Explore Torndirrup National Park

Albany is just a short drive to Torndirrup National Park, a wild and rugged coastal park known for its spectacular wave-carved rock formations including Natural Bridge, the Gap, and the Blowholes. Lookouts and walkways connect these natural attractions formed over millennia by the surging power of the Southern Ocean.

Visit Albany’s Historic Whaling Station

Spend a day exploring the world’s only complete whaling station tourism attraction and gain fascinating insight into Albany’s colorful past. Join a 40-minute guided tour (operating on the hour from 10am to 3pm daily) or follow informative trails to learn the stories of the men and women whose livelihood depended on Australia’s whaling industry.

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